Maslow Chain guides

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Some pictures of a recent creation. These can be flipped for the horizontal chain slack setup. Shown installed on the “stock” vertical setup. There is a lot Id like to add/modify but thought they were neat enough to share as they are.


I love the Maslow logo on these, as well as the acrylic/polycarbonate cover that shows off the sprocket!


I agree. These are a beautiful build. I love the design, and you did a fantastic job in the construction. It’s the little details like the slightly flared entrance for the chain which really shine


Thank you for the kind words. This does make me want to do more acrylic projects, it cuts so clean and quiet. ill post up how they look in the horizontal slack position once I cut out the proper covers and get them re-installed. Ill update the garden with those files too.


Thanks for the design and the files. I was able to get these cut, but I have not cut the lids. For install, do they just hang on the sprocket and let the chain ride through it? I saw the note about the 3 x .25" holes for the motor mounting screws, but wanted to double check on how they actually mounted to the motors.

Thanks again, and I hope to get these on my machine soon!

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Never mind…looking at your pictures a little more closely, I see the screws you used in the middle to mount it to the cross beam! Thanks again!

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