Chain lengths on calibration

Hello I’m new to the Maslow and done my initial setup and calibration yesterday. I noticed that only one chain is long enough to to the distance between motors measurements. One measures around 113” and the other around 130”. From pictures and videos I have found online it looks like the chains are pretty equal in length when the sled is centered. I would think they both would be the same size for this reason.I got to the final test cuts of calibrations and when it was still moving to the upper left hand corner, I stopped the program because of how little slack I had left in my chain. Are both chains suppose to be equal size?

Thank you!

I would expect that they be close to the same size. Maybe whoever cut one of your chains short didn’t measure correctly. Contact the people you got your kit from.

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I sent them a email but haven’t received a email back. I figured they wouldn’t be the exact same size but closer than 16 or so inches of difference. Thank you for the response.