Chain instalation

i am following this guide on you tube

and i did it to the letter! But now im at a loss?.it seems one chain is much longer thatn the other and i just cant compute what im doing wrong?.i understand that each chain must reach or be able to reach any said part of the work area and if i am starting with the end of both chains in the nail and doing as shown in video what am i missing ?.this is extremely frustrating and me being me im about to just walk away and go drink a nice cold beer and go 7k in debt and buy something i can not afford because of this little obstacle i mean,really is one chain longer than the other or what did i miss?

Hi there, the chains should be not different length. Can you still take them off and lay them out on a clean floor to compare them? A photo of your setup could give more clues if you find out that they are the same. Kind regards, Gero

i have not laid the chains out on the ground but im gonna do that right now ,and that link in my original post?.or asking for help thread however you choose to classify it is exactly to the letter what i did…i will say after i did that i hooked the sled up and it wasa on the ground with slack to go…im head out now and lay these chains out measure them and get right back to you,thank you

wait that video is not the one i went off of just by looking at the original pic on the video,i am using a straight 10’ beam across the top …ok brb

for some reason my kids think that dads tools are a neighborhood commodity,with that said of all the multiple tapes i have i cant find one…BUT i did improvise ,the chain was not taught but yet laid out and i took my 4 ft bubble and went section by section and im gussing its 12 ft and there both the same.i know that not accurate but if you got kids you understand we improvise alot and i will and have already BORROWED something of his to explain the value of returning things…lol…i hope he gets pissed.


I’m a newbie like you and let me just encourage not to give up keep trying keep digging and hang in there, there is help and most of all the one thing I found is you two boat loads of patience and something to distrack you while you are waithing for help.


that video does not have the calibration procedure. you need to download webcontrol and follow the calibration instructions.

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I think i got it…what the issue was is i purchased this off of a gentleman here in town…looking at the pics i did not realize that the cords were stretchy cords ,i improvised and honestly after readying issues with the stretchy cords i got bungees but did not do it the traditional way sorta wrapped them and fastend to the rear which also kept the chain more parallel and these are VERY stretchy yet extremely taut .I am sure that i will have many more hurdles to overcome but it is a wonderful feeling when you tackle one…i ordered the Z-axis and that shouild be here today as a matter of fact and tomorrow is dayi get some cash and purchasing the recomended router and going to start bitching all over again ,but today is a good day …thank you everyone for your assistance very much


note that if you have too much tension on the slack side of the chain, there
will be a crossover point between where the gears are loaded on one side and
where they are loaded on the other side (betwen when the slack side has the most
tension and when the sled side has the most tension), at that point the motor
will move but the chain won’t move until the slop in the gear chain is taken up.

we generally suggest 4-6 pounds of tension on the slack side

David Lang

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man i got so much cash into this thing already and i ordered tythe z axis and was supposed to be here yesterday and nothing and asking me to buy more lol

can i use the motor from the z axis i ordered and just use it with that?..i like that…if so ill buy it

yes you can use the slower 10rpm original motor on our universal sled. if you get the universal sled and z axis then the gearing speeds up the motor to about 5.5x faster.

we are not making money off the pre orders, just getting a laser cut sled and clamp would cost most people over $90 plus all the other stuff included. it’s a one time deal prices will go up next week so we can hopefully actually break even by the end of this year. Yes that’s how bad covid has hurt our sales.

so for the cost on your site im getting the sled and everything except the ring and motor …i can use my black ring or would i need to purchase the new blue one?.and i apolagize for all my questions money is just extremely tight and im watching every nickel…ty for your patience

the black and blue ring are the same. install your router, z axis motor and black ring and make sure you change the pitch in ground control since it will be 7.57x faster. I would try 3.17 default pitch x 7.567 = -24 pitch as a starting point. make sure it is NEGATIVE since motor is mounted opposite way. going to purchase this now…

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man,my card keeps getting declined and i know theres money on there?.also i was supposed to get the z axis on the 13th?.here is tracking number 9405511899563797710275 is there a way i can like mail u a money order i want one those new z axis ,it dont make no sense why card is declining?

best to just email us and we will send address, we also do paypal or zelle if you have that. info at
dot com