Chain Sag Correction Value - Manually Compute and Enter?

Hello All,

Manually measuring from sprocket to sprocket with Bar’s new bolt together frame, I know it is exactly 3010mm. I would like to skip that part of the calibration and manually enter this in. I can enter in that value in Advanced settings, and then proceed to “skip” that part of the calibration procedure. However it comes back with a “Chain Sag Correction Value” of probably an earlier number of 88.1234 or so.

I don’t know what the number mean nor how does it get computed automatically. I have read through the forum and understand it is related the weight of the sled. I’m trying to work out some oblong circles and after reading other peoples troubleshooting threads, I’m hoping to squash this part of the saga :slight_smile:


the chain sag value is not easy to compute, it actually accounts for a number of
vairables and is computed by doing the calibration calculations and finding a
value that makes the calculated locations match the actual location

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