Chipping thin sections

This is my first post here and what better way to start than with my problems. Lol. I’ve used a couple different types of plywood and still struggle with thin sections (less than ¼"). Has anyone found a trick to either preparing the plywood or something in regards to the machine that can resolve this? Is this just something we have to live with? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

Chipping is often a function of the bit you are using (and the material, of course). A compression bit might be appropriate for what you are doing.

Unfortunately, I’m already using a compression bit. How long do you run your bits before they are dull? I have some coloration on my bit but have only really cut 3 items. I know these have to get pretty warm running at full rpm of router. I’m a machinist/programmer by trade but have little experience with wood issues.

if you’ve picked up color on the bit, it’s probably dulled.

David Lang

If you are referring to the ridged router you most likely need to run at the lowest rpm since the Maslow max feed rate is already too slow for that. Of course this depends on the type of bit.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I think I see where I need to go with this project. Much appreciated!!!

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