Speed and feeds questions

hi all i have the Ridged R22002 router i am cuttimg 3/4 Plywood with quarter in 2 flute upcut bit. was wondering what the best feed and speed should be if running 30 in per min what should the router be set at

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Disclaimer: I don’t believe any of this, just didn’t want the post unanswered for more then 1 hour.
I hope this rubbish will trigger some response :slight_smile:

The calculators you find in the grid are all for ‘Granny :slight_smile: - CNCs’.
On almost every site you will find different ’ views/feelings/opinions/formula/“facts” and experiences.

One formula i found (i just hope i could dig out enough math from ~40 years ago) is this one, that shows (if any of this is true), that with routers we can’t go down to the RPM that this formulas calculate. (spindles can, but i will find out if there is a big surprise when i try it)

Feed = N x cpt x RPM
RPM = Feed / (N x cpt)

Typical Chip Load (cpt) Values for Tool Diameter 6mm in Softwood / Plywood is 0.28 - 0.33
Feed rate is maxed by GC at 800mm/min ~ 31.4961 "/min
N = number of flutes

In your case Feed 800 / (2 flutes x 0.3 cpt) = 1333.33 RPM

The Maslow does somehow not fit within the range of existing knowledge in the grid.

Ignore all the nonsense above, the Maslow seems to have it’s own rules.
Sacrifice 1 bit with a series of test cut on scrap (same material as you want to cut after) with a series of tests.
Your ears can be a calibration tool for the RPM. If the bit screams, you are to low on PRM and/or to deep in the material.
If the cut leaves burn-marks you are to high on RPM and/or don’t go deep enough with each round.
Keep an eye on the size of the chips, as they transport the heat away from your bit. If it’s dust, RPM to high. If they are to big, you might hear the bit screaming.
Also keep an eye on the finish of your cut. You don’t want to sand to much :wink:
Check if there is a difference it you pull straight up of straight down and find the ‘middle best’.
Share your experience, please.

Kind regards, Gero

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ya i have been doing the hearing test just thought some of the maslow users could throw in what they are using thats why i put what router i am using. but you are correct the typical math does not work on the maslow

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Statistical data is missing throughout the development, but is also difficult because of the different builds.
Maybe it should be ‘must fields’ to fill out before you can upload a project, or better then ‘must’, voluntary information by the makers.

Go to CNCcookbook - they have S & F as a service. Basically if I understand the modle correctly it’s a 1 time fee based on HP.

May the force be with you.

Thank you

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Personally, I’ve had no luck finding a good speed for a 1/4" 2 flute bit with the current Maslow setup. According to my math, which uses the same formulas as @Gero had posted above, the ideal feedrate for that bit in the Rigid router is 3,048 mm/min.

I’ve found much more success with different tooling. I use 1/4" single flute tooling regularly for most of my operations, and they hold up pretty well. Something like this tool would work well. For that, I run it at the lowest RPM, 10,000, at about 600 mm/min.