CNC Hangboard Project

Hey! Thought I would share the project I’ve been using to run tests on the Maslow in case there are any fellow climbers out there. This is a hangboard which is used to strengthen your fingers for rock climbing. Each set of rectangular pockets is a certain depth, so you can practice hanging on smaller and smaller edges. And I added some mountains to the top for a little razzle dazzle!

I’m going to probably make a video for our youtube based on this, but in the meantime Ill post the svg below and some additional photos. I used onshape for the SVG, then krabzcam for the gCode.



I was looking to design a hang board, thanks, I will be on the look out for this file instead!
Looks good!

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I’m having a hard time uploading the SVG but it seems to have worked now. If you click the image it should let you download it.

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