Communication between the Arduino and Shield

Is there a reference that describes the communications between the Arduino and the standard Maslow shield? Something that also descrbes the individual pin functionality would also be appreciated.

Not that I’ve seen it. The code is commented good and the filenames mostly speaking.
Perhaps a code editor with colouring would be something to start reading :man_shrugging:

Most of the communication is handled by means of ‘G codes’, search the web for ‘grbl gcode reference’ to find info about standard commands. In the firmware source, study GCode.cpp to find the Maslow implementation.
The assignments for the AUX pins is done in System:configAuxLow() for the standard PowerControl board and the TLE5206-based boards, and also in System:configAuxHigh() for the TLE5206-based boards which have additional AUX pins.


I was looking for details on the exchange between the shield and controller. Specifically what pins where handling what signals and commands (controller IO). Was hoping that someone had already reverse engineered it and developed a reference. Your suggestion looks to be exactly what I need though. Thanks!

This specific pin numbers vary between versions of the board. You can look in the System.cpp for the pin assignments for the various motor control and encoder pins as well as the AUX pins For the various revisions of PowerControl boards.


Perfect! Thanks again! Exactly what I’m looking for.