Complete kit for sale (sold)

Not local but very interested in your kit. Please pm me if still available.

message sent

Hey Danpopsicle, I just messaged Me_3D. You are next inline if i dont receive a response.


I would like to buy this if it is available

Hey Crim_You are 2nd in line behind Dan and me_3d.

I am trying to go in order and give everyone a day or so to reply.
Here is what i am asking-
430 malsow with ring kit
150 Router (they run 180 new this one has been used 2 times)
39 shipping (2x 18.90 flat rate )
619 Total

Good to go, thank you for the reply.

Awesome, thanks for the reply.

If it’s still available I live in myrtle beach south carolina text me 8434955017

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Message sent

Message sent to Dan he was next in line


Not local but interested as well.

This Maslow has been sold

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