Used a couple times Maslow CNC with ring system kit, z axis and ridgid router - SOLD

excellent condition, everything you need, used it a couple times and my neighbors have been complaining to the resident manager, so unfortunately it has to go.
500 plus shipping, paypal, venmo. shipping priority mail.
Im in hawaii, so if anyone in hawaii wants one, can pick it up directly.
Thank you!

Hello, I hope this message finds you well. Is the Maslow still available? A project I’m involved with desperately needs a CNC router. We have looked at ShopBot and others but we don’t need that level of capability and buy one would go far beyond our budget.

If it is still available please let me know. I have the $$ in hand and have a real need for one.
I have started looking over the GIT hub documents to see if the project team can build one ourselves. It looks like we could but we’d much rather buy a working one.

Best Regards
Gary Dickenson

still available, Its boxed up and ready to ship!


I am the CNC. I did purchase one from a seller in Florida but having a 2nd one for a backup would be great.

The scenario is I’m helping an older friend move from all hand tools from building furniture into the world of CNC. The Maslow CNC should keep him busy for a while

Can you send photos of the equipment, please?

I am not sure how to do a private party sell on the internet. You don’t know me and I don’t know you so using a system that protects us both would make sense.

Best Regards

Gary Dickenson


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Hello I am still interested in your CNC. Please send photos of all parts. I will be obtaining this on the behalf of salmonellas and need photos to show them. The scenario is I am helping an older friend move from all manual tools for building furniture into using some CNC. I am expecting to use the CNC for my own projects as well and having two of them will be beneficial .

Best Regards

Gary Dickenson

Hello, Is the CNC still available?

still available, I’ll take pics of it tomorrow and see if I can figure out how to post them here

HI, Just saw your emails. Sending to my phone is fine.

Been checking on PayPal, nothing yet. I set my PayPal email to be the same as this email
In the past I’ve used PayPal for store purchases, this will be the first from a private seller so I’m not 100% sure how it should go.

Glad you are sending by US Postal Service. That makes pick-up much easier because I have a PO Box.


Gary I Dickenson

PO Box 324

Tulsa, OK 74101

Is this still available?