Kit, Ring, & Z-Axis w/ New Ridgid R2200 - SOLD

I have an unused Maslow kit, a ring linkage kit and a Z-Axis kit for a Ridgid R2200. The router is also for sale if it is desired. It has not been used but is no longer in the box. Comes with all accessories.

I had grand plans and don’t see any being completed. So, $600 for all Maslow parts, $750 with the router + Shipping. No router bits included. In Atlanta if a local wants it and wishes to skip shipping.

PM me, please.




Do you still have this? I can’t PM for some reason so please PM me. Thanks.

I am interested as well

Hi Jillian. 1 ahead of you in line. I’ll keep you posted if the first person decides against.

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