Cut direction, does it matter?

I have a basic question I should have asked a year ago. Does it matter which direction I make my cuts? I have never paid much attention to the direction the router is traveling, but if I were cutting by hand I would certainly do so. Anyway…any advice is appreciated.

yes for the same reason you would do it by hand

no in that you are usually cutting a slot, so you are both climb and
conventional cutting at the same time

yes in that the motors can pull with much more force than gravity applies to the
sled, so if you have a hard cut to make (deep, large bit, hard wood, fast) you
are better making it towards the motors than away from them

If the router can’t cut fast enough, or the sled doesn’t slide over the
workpiece, the chains can go slack, and at that point the cut will wander.

David Lang

The advice is greatly appreciated!