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Hi everyone,
New to the group. I’m considering one of these machines for hobby use. But from what I’m seeing in the principal it seems that the router cradle would rotate when in operation, and throw its own calibration off track. What holds this straight and on the path if it’s hanging on two cables? It obviously must work if you are all having success with it.
I have this file drafted that I would like to cut but I’m not having any luck finding someone local so I’ll set up my own, with your help, if possible.


The original design compensated for the rotation of the sled through some advanced (and complicated) mathematics. The current design utilizes “linkage kits” that result in the center of rotation to be precisely at the router bit. This way, regardless of the rotation of the sled, the position of the router bit is unaffected (i.e., the router bit doesn’t move left/right/up/down as the sled rotates). This methodology greatly improves the accuracy of the design beyond the original design and simplifies the math as well.

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The new configuration doesn’t change where the bit is as things rotate.

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Welcome to our group. Where are you located? We are here to help, so we would be happy to assist you in setting up your Maslow.

What program do you use to make your files? Is that laser cut?

Thank you

Located in Nova Scotia Canada. That file was drafted in 2d using Illustrator in a Mac. I also use FormZ but I’m just getting going with that. The cobra in the photo is just a handcut proof to find bugs since I did not have file assembled in 3D form in the computer.
I used to have a 5x12 AXXYZ table but it’s gone now. This looks like it could be an interesting alternative to giving up a lot of cost and floor space. What travel speed could be expected using a 1hp router and 3/4" plywood?


I believe our top speed is 1000mm a minute. It’s pretty slow. For the price point is found to be reasonable. I know a fan of Form Z, he touts it’s so hard I always wonder if he is really it’s developer. I think you could do some great work with the Maslow. We have a few users in Canada.

Thank you

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Thanks for the reply. That speed would be comparable or a little slower than my old chain drive AXXYZ machine. My workaround used to be cutting 1/4 Masonite and using those for templates to cut plywood on a bench router.
This is a 1/2 scale DC3 I built for a static display using Illustrator and the AXXYZ. IMG_7890


Well done!

Thank you

Put a fabric skin on that DC3, and some engines, and go flying.

We have a location map that needs more Canadians

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I’m in rural. Nova Scotia. I don’t have a Maslow but strongly considering, to see what I could do with it.
No fabric on the DC3. Here it is when it was finished. It’s in a casino outside of Ottawa Ontario. IMG_6324


OMG - that is redonkulouse!

Thank you

I rode in a DC-3, PBA from Tampa to Naples iirc, in the early 80s just to get a ride in one.

There might be one still in scheduled service in northern Canada.

When I lived in the LA you could rent one for $225 an hour at the Torrance airport. Just a little beyond my skill level and budget; regret I never tried a familiarization flight anyway.

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There are still DC3’s and Dakotas flying all over the world. GM has one that flys daily parts runs and courier objects inhouse between Detroit and Oshawa. The airframes basically don’t wear out because the cabins are not pressurized.

This looks great. What did you use for the outer skin?

Wow! that looks Amazing! @DexterTheDog
Well done sir. props!