Cutting Square object is inconsistent in length

This is my official first cut past calibration, and I’m experiencing very inaccurate cuts. The height of the object should be square and 13", but the left side is 12-7/8" while the right side is 12-7/16". There’s also a slight bow to the straight lines in general.

The sheet is 4’x8’ plywood and this is the top left corner of the piece. Not sure exactly what is wrong as it isn’t wildly off compared to the other ones I’ve seen here. Anyone have a clue?

80/60 Frame
Original Brackets


Hi! After you ran the calibration, did you run the Benchmark Test?

This will give you a better idea of how well your machine is working. There is a spreadsheet that you can use to evaluate the results, and with this information you should get a lot of suggestions from the community…

BedAccuracyTest.xlsx (42.3 KB)

FWIW, a not so well calibrated machine will generally work better towards the center of the workspace and down lower. The corners, especially down low, are generally the toughest areas to get good results.

Keep us posted on your progress!


Thank you for the links!

This is curious. The Vertical Cut isn’t so bad, but my Horizontal tolerances are very off. This is from the default ring system that was in the kit.

Measured Error

Vertical (left to right):
90.17 1.7
88.5825 -1.4175
89.8525 1.475

Horizontal (from top to bottom):
189.23 77
187.96 20.4
186.3725 36.275

Second question: How do I interpret the contents of the BedAccuracyTest spreadsheet?

Holy smokes! Hadn’t seen this yet.

Is there documentation for how to interpret this?

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Type “Bedaccuracytest.xlsx” into the search. :wink: