Different widths from one side to the other

I’m cutting out an eyebrow arch template from 1/2 MDF, 92" radius, 3 1/4" width and 51 1/16 inches max length. My left side is always wider than the right side even after upgrading to the Makermade M2 model. The cutout is in the middle of the workspace above and below the x axis center. My first toolpaths I simulate a larger bit so my piece is slightly larger and my final pass is with the correct bit size. However, other attempts with one pass and using the same size bit on multiple passes gets the same result. Left side measures 3.277 and the right is 3.251. Anyone have any ideas?

does it have to do with climb milling vs conventional and gravity pulling down as it cuts down vs cutting up on the other side?


It’s a conventional cut all around. I’m thinking it might be a bad vector to gcode translation because I tried a fresh drawing which resulted in it being smaller in the middle and withing acceptable range on both ends. Thanks for the reply.

If you change the cut direction, does the issue switch sides? You would need to redo the gcode for this

I tried running toolpaths with the outer radius conventional and inner radius climb but makerverse is complaining about machine limits now. I’m using VCarve Pro and playing with custom tools dimensions emulating larger diameter tools while actual using a smaller bit to scale it to size, and running a final full depth pass to clean it up. I also think if I run the arc upside down it would shorten the chain lengths for both ends so less likely for the chain vibration.