Direction 1 - Fail, Direction 2 - Fail and calibration not possibe


I recieved my brothers maslow and i can not get this properly to running.

It has board version V1.2B

when i boot i get this screen below where it’s telling direction 1 & 2 are failing. :frowning: But the motors are turning ! in both directions. (for left and right side)

But i can ignore this and push the Action button ⏵ Calibrate ⏵ Begin ⏵ Triangular ⏵ enter measurement ⏵ From here both motors are behaving strange.

if i push 5 deg CCW ⏵ it’s not rotating at all and engine is making strange sound like it’s brakes are still on.

In the screenshot you can see that i use firmware 1.26.

I Flashed back to version 1.23 and run version 1.23 for groundcontrol. but no difference or progress there.

How can i get this thing to work ?

(Changing the cables has the same affect.)

It’s seems that the motors are not reading it properly… but they turn if i do the test.

Open Arduino serial monitor via browser or IDE.
Rotate encoders by hand and see that You are getting proper reading of directions on Monitor.

another idea :|

Lets check that your H bridges works :slight_smile:
Run arduino code that activates motors.

If the motors are rotating in each direction but still failing the test to me that means that the signals from the encoders are not being read correctly.

I can think of two possibilities for why that could be. A loose cable could cause that behavior if the signal is not getting to the controller board, but that seems unlikely for both sides. The other issue would be if the firmware is recognizing the wrong board version. What board version is recognized when you connect? It should be printed over on the right side

If the encoders are not reporting, any move command sent to them will cause the motors to run at full speed for however long it should take the motors to make the requested move. A 5 deg ccw is pretty short, but you certainly should be able to see it if you are watching it when you hit the button.

Is this a ‘stock’ Maslow? stock motors and controller or was something custom made? maybe a few photos would help.

I Got it to work woot woot … :slight_smile:

turned out changed the port and connected again. → all pass.
The upload used the same port. (even when you switched from adruino to Groundcontrol)

Shutdown everything … power and it worked.

So i can move on to the next fase calibration !!!

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I think i have found the reason to my problem.

The chip came loose :disappointed:


That looks like the issue to me :persevere:

I did some searching around and it looks like finding a replacement is disconcertingly difficult. None of the three groups currently selling kits have them in stock. I dug through my spare parts box and I have one that I can send you if you can direct message me the address you want it sent to. I can get that in the mail on Monday.

As a long term solution it would be really great to have controller boards available. I am working on a redesigned version which I will make a point of making available when I have a working prototype so that they are out there for folks.

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Btw this came down when i was extending my chain, for measure the distance between the motors.
Maybe this is added info to prevent for the future.
(I added 1 number for 1 meter length extention)

But if I look at the picture again this is from the right motor, and i was using the left one to extend. :thinking:

We have v1.4 shields back in stock.



That is FANTASTIC!! Nice work guys! I just mailed @Makerspace-Baasrode some so they should be good for now, but I am really excited that you have them back in stock :+1: :+1: