DL's loop chains and run a series of motor position reporting

edit: FW/GC 1.24 Manjaro linux

Branched from here: Holey Triangular Calibration not to high-jack the Holey Triangular Calibration, what in my opinion the contributors deserve to be nominated as the Community Gardeners of the year!

On a ~11 1/2 ft motor distance I looped 3 chains.
I had issues with the original code and thought it’s just to remove a minus. That did not do the trick.
While B09 accepts a >> + or - << before the number the B11 seems to ignore it.
I ended with up with changing macros with this result:

Left motor clock-ws B09 L5
Left motor cntr-clock-ws B09 L-5
Right motor cntr-clock-ws B09 R5
Right motor clock-ws B09 R-5
Right motor clock-ws B11 R5
Right motor clock-ws B11 R-5
Left motor cntr-clock-ws B11 L5
Left motor cntr-clock-ws B11 L-5

I did reach a point where GC told me something in the line:

No function has requested a measurement

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This is the work that was done to try to understand the variation of chain-tolerance over the length of the chain. Is that correct?

In progress. The code don’t work as posted. My understanding is that it will find differences on parts of chain. I’m struggling with direction change with top/bottom feed and that the measurement thows an error message.

Edit: With B11 the - just chages the motors and not the direction to turn. Stuck on this since Saturday. Will wipe eeprom and delete GC.ini, reload the firmware and see if that makes a difference.

Edit2: Also
B09 L95 R-95 ( move to the right about 4 inches )

moves the left motor first and far more then 4 inch and after that the left motor. Handling 2 slack chains requires some ducttape.