Does the default frame allow you to cut all the way to edges of plywood?

To me it seems you would need an apron around the edge, but didn’t see any talk of that in the new design. Is there enough stability as-is to allow you to cut past edge of plywood without having the sled tilt?


Yes No, some means of support is needed, though only at the places where your cut reaches the edge :wink:.

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No - this is why the 80/60 frame has a outside bezel. You can get near the edges but there is a tipping point. The sled is 18 inches wide so you can get to 9 inches the new design lets you get more of the bottom, it’s said you don’t need a bezel at the top. I designed the 80/60 to allow the router to fully exit the standard worksheet and re-enter from all sides. This gives the system access to 100% of the work space. As the normal setup is not 100% it’s difficult to say how far the accuracy will suffer when adding 18 inches in both X & Y. The other way around that is to alter the design by adding your own skirt / bezel. The 80/60 is designed to use 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 with the corresponding waste board. 3/4 = none, 1/2 workpiece needs 1/4 waste board, 1/4 needs 1/2 waste board.

You can go farther than 9 inches to the edge but the results are unknown.

Thank you

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Yeah is what I was thinking. I am starting to think I want a hybrid between your 80/60 frame, and the default frame.

the center of gravity of the sled is lower than the bit, so you can go off the
top without a problem, but when the CG of the sled goes off the bottom, it
starts to tilt.

so build a L-shaped piece that can be adjusted in and out and attach it to the
bottom of the crossmember, it can be adjusted to provide support for your
workpiece as well as the sled.

on the sides, you can get the bit very close to the edge as the CG of the sled
is vertically in line with the bit.

in theory, if the chains are attached above the CG of the sled in the Z axis,
you may be able to go just past the edge of the workpiece and still keep the sed
under control. We know that if you attach the chains below the CG of the sled in
the Z axis (i.e. too close to the sled), you loose control before you get to the
edge. But we have not had anyone report from a test to the edges with the chains
attached above the CG of the sled.