Maslow Work Envelope?

I need to cut designs out that go from edge to edge. Can the stock Maslow cut edge to edge on a 4’x8’ piece of plywood? Thanks

@X7JAY7X Welcome to our group. That is a trick question. The stock Maslow design is not set up to reach from edge to edge. You must add a skirt to support the sled exiting the material. There have been many variations on this.

I published a manual -

It should be noted there are differing accuracies in different areas of the build volume.

Let me know if you have more questions on this.

Thank you

edge accuracy is not maslow’s strong suit. making the chain motors at least 12’ apart and at least 2.5’ above the top of the work piece helps. you might be better off getting a low rider kit. I say might because it’s not perfect either and there are very few reviews of it ,so just a gut feeling.

what are you planning on making?

Thanks for the info. I am making a toddler bed frame. Most of the parts are laid out so they go edge-to-edge to reduce waste. If I go with 12’ spacing and 2.5’ above the work piece, how long of chain do I need for that?


I used a 13’ top beam 30" above the top of the stock, and needed a 14’ chain.

you need a chain that you can put across both motors with a little to spare,
length of top beam + 6" could probably work, but length of top beam + 1’ is

Once you extend much beyond the stock frame, the distance from motor to motor is
longer than from either motor to the far bottom corner.

a 10’ top beam needs 11’ to get to the far bottom corner (stock)
a 11’ top beem needs ~11.4’ to get to the far bottom corner
a 12’ top beam needs ~11.7’ to get to the far bottom corner, but needs 12.5’+ to
get across the top to the other motor

so even though math purists will scream that this shouldn’t work:

top beam length + 1’ will work for anything larger than stock :slight_smile:

David Lang