Doubt about frame size (the default frame)

Hello everyone! This is my first post in this forum as I recently got my maslow CNC. Yesterday I started tracking the lumber in order to build the default frame, but the longest boards I could find are 9.84’ (300 cm) instead of 10’ (304.8 cm). From the default frame project, I see that the top beam should be 10’ long. Would it be a problem if I scale all the measures in order to work with a 9.84’ long top beam?
Thanks, everybody!

yes it will be an issue if you want to cut an entire 4x8’ at one time as corner performance will suffer. in fact the 10’ length has been determined to not be that good and 12’ is the new recommendation. best to just bolt extra pieces of wood onto make it longer

Thanks a lot for the super clear explanation! Would you be so kind to link me the specification for the new build? Thanks!

I don’t think 5cm will make a huge difference. If you can get longer boards it
would be better. At least one person has built a box beam out of plywood to be
able to create a longer top beam than was otherwise available.

David Lang