Frame size for a full 8x4 cut

The default size for the Maslow means that to cut near the corners of an 8x4 sheet, the chains are being pulled a lot towards the full horizontal or vertical, so tolerances tend to slip a little. Iā€™d swear I saw an article/posting/something somewhere that gave recommendations for a step-up in size for the arms where the motors get mounted in order to give a much nicer set of working angles for doing the corners of a 4x8 sheet of plywood.

This is relevant because I am working on developing some animal habitat designs based on 4x8ā€™ sheets and need to be able to use the vast majority of the board with nice and consistent cuts.

Anybody know the article Iā€™m talking about or have recommendations on this kind of modification to the base kit?

use the search function above for 12ā€™ beam, we get:

This one is likely the one you want.

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Perfect, thank you!

go with a 12ā€™ top beam instead of a 10ā€™, this requires an extra foot or so of
chain on each side as well.

David Lang