Etsy is the place to pay for your Maslow

Just Wow. It’s a nice table, but that price seems really high

Sell a couple of those at that price point and the Maslow is paid for!


lol, high prices only work if people actually buy it. Anyone can say something costs this much, hard part is actually selling it!

The same vendor appears to have sold similar items for around half that price, so they seem to be just trying to see what that particular market will bear.

There are some product types - and furniture is one of them - where many people expect to pay a relatively high amount for a “quality” item, especially if it appears to be produced in small numbers (so they are less likely to find other people have them too.)

Something to keep in mind is that a lot of available designs do not provide commercial rights when you download them. Make sure you have have the proper permissions before selling designs you’ve acquired from the internet. This can be entirely avoided by making your own awesome stuff. (+1 if you sell the design as well as the assembled pieces)


Perhaps the Maslow community should all collaborate on a series of designs, and open an etsy store between us, the nearest person to a customer could ship the order.


It’s a good idea, except for consistency of product.

Off-Topic (and yes, drunk)

The Maslow community should collaborate on the same test with the same fw/gc, on the same pattern.