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Getting the kit into the uk

I just tried to talk to the HMRC and found them to be fairly useless, spoke to a guy on webchat, very little was said except that I need a “commodity code”???
There is a kit on makermade for £390ish including postage to the UK.
It comes with the Z axis but the kind that would a new router with the depth function.
Anyone bought a kit and had it imported? I thought that it would be a case of buy it and have it shipped, but no.
What did it cost you for import duties?
this is the kit, I am a little concerned as I am not sure if that is everything I need minus the router, wood and bricks, cutting bits

I want to get into this but find it confusing. The price is much better than I first imagined.
Thanks and have a great day

This is the MakerMade version of the original Maslow kit. It should have everything needed (minus the router, bricks and lumber) to build the basic Maslow.

I’ll tag @MakerMadeCNC so they can answer your questions on importing into the UK.

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Thank you

just tagging @MakerMadeCNC again for visibility

Thanks, they did get back to me and mentioned that I contact the customs and excise people. I think that it would cost about £100 approx.
a little steep if you ask me but never mind.

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id agree, thats expensive. makermade mentioned somewhere they were working on importing into Germany. not sure if that helps with Brexit and all.

Thanks for your help. I have bought the maslow kit with economy shipping. They have some issue at the moment with paypal and I had to pay with credit card which kind of worries me a bit.
I should have the kit in 6 to 18 days or something. Now to research so I know what I am doing when the kit arrives and jump straight in.

Good to hear that you bought one. I wouldn’t worry too much about having to use the credit card with MakerMade. Weird things could happen maybe, but not likely. Most CC companies have fraud protection and buyer protection now anyway. Welcome to Maslow :slight_smile:

I got the M2 Kit delivered to the UK.
Total Cost was just under £800 for the machine, and the import tax was £110

Hope that helps other UKers

The kit was from MakerMade but shipped from China - I guess that would have been important to say!

I had £390 ish for the basic kit and postage to the uk. £93 for tax.
it was sent from china as well which i thought was strange. i have bought things from china before and not paid anything.