Exporting G-Code to the M2 via Aspire Software from Vetrics

Hello everyone, I have been trying to work from way away from Easel. Its good, but not good enough for what I do. With that being said, and for all of you that use the Aspire, or Vetric software, exporting gcode couldnt be easier. In the drop down menu for post processors, they have a setting in there for Easel. Choose that (I export to inches)


Hope this helps out the next person jumping down that post processer rabbit hole for Aspire only to receive vague or non helpful answers… lol

Have a great day!


I am adding in this exta tid bit of a note. Only because this problem has just about killed me… lol - if you are still running the M2 (I dont know if this problem will cross over to the M4) - just know that if you install the aspire program from vetrix, you machine may not work correctly. For some reason the Aspire software deleted the audrio drivers and it all had to be re-installed and the firm ware re-flashed. Weird, but just in case you install this software, and you have issues, now you have a good starting point before jumping down the same rabbit hole I did.

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