“Fast Forward” and “Rewind” in WebControl

I have yet to decipher the proper use of <Z, <1, 1>, and Z>

My uneducated understanding is that they are meant to used as a sort of fast forward and rewind within your loaded Goode.

Am I correct about that?

If I use the Pause button, I cannot resume. If I attempt to Goto a line, I get an error about not being able to execute a z-move.

If I can’t figure this out, it seems like I will need to chunk up all of my designs into smaller cuts.

1> Jumps ahead or backwards one line of gcode, Z> jumps ahead or backwards to the next z-axis move. What is the error message you are seeing exactly? I’m not familiar with that one

I will need to get you more details, but one example, when I press the +1Z, is I get the error “Error with moving Z move”.

Probably is broken… I’ll look into it. Can you send me the gcode you used?

Are you saying pause/resume is broken? Might be something in the gcode that we need to deal with.

I’m using the in-post files from the stand-up desk:


My cuts are not going to depth, either. I assumed that was an issue with the design, but just in case…

Would the log files help?

Add G90 code to the beginning of the file. Apparently some CAM programs don’t include a positioning gcode at the beginning. I corrected for the error previously, but there’s one spot in the code that I missed. It will be fixed in the next release, but in meantime, just edit the gcode and put that command at the beginning.

With every file? Or just this one?

With every file until I put out a new release, but you may find G90 already there in many of your files. I don’t know which CAM programs dont specify the positioning mode (all the ones I’ve used have).