Restarting in the midle of a file. Any known procedure?

I have a file/cut that stalled the WebControle M/Rpi.

I want to start where it stopped. I found the line no : 54621.
If I put it into the # field and tap ‘goto’ I can see the cursor move.
But I can not get any action pushing ‘PLAY’.

Where should I look for errors ?
What do I do wrong ?

WC v0.94

the problem is that you need to first run the first few lines of the file, then
you may be able to skip down to the point where it left off (it depends on if
the file is made using absolute or relative movement commands)

David Lang

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Thx, I’ll try.

Not an obvous solution. :slight_smile:

I’m using absolute positioning G90 to me that spells posibly working.

Hmm. It’s not working for me. Not using stop nor pause/resume.
When I tap play after the goto nn I get conn. lost.

Looks like the only way is copying the file and deleteing all the commands except startup untile the line I need.

That is working now. :slight_smile:

i usually use the Z> button and go to the nearest Z move and then hit play and it generally works… if the motor power supply is connected. I have a switch for that and it isn’t always on.

Thx. I’ll give that a test.

Are those grey buttons line ‘step’ buttons ? <z <1 1> z>
like z> go nest z movment ?

yes the 1> is next line, the z> is next z move. watch on the screen, the black crosshair will move to show you where it is. easy to move it to that, then just press play.