Feature Request: firmware update from github

On the Maslow4 it would be great to have an option where the FluidNC could check the firmware version vs github and if a newer release is available provide and option to update the firmware along with the index.html file. This feature wouldn’t really work for Maslow4 setups that arnt connected to the internet but those that are could be kept up to date easily without an intermediate download of the files from github.

Maybe the github repo could be a variable in the maslow.yaml allow individuals to point to the repo they might want to check against. This would deal with branches and forks.

<added feature request to github for tracking Feature Request: Firmware update from github. · Issue #59 · BarbourSmith/FluidNC · GitHub)

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Along these lines, there could be multiple update channels.

tested, finalized releases.

beta (i.e. we think it will work but needs testing)

alpha/nightly (the latest merged versions of everything)

including an ability to back up if you hit a bad version, and ideally to report
the problem you have.

David Lang