Feature requests buzzer/light when done M30

Message on a port when the cut is done.

We already have handling for

  • M30 | program end with return to top

So when te program is done, i would like to trigger a light and a busser to let me know its done when i 'm doing other things in the workshop.


The firmware has a setting that can be controlled by the Mn gcodes: M3 and M4 set AUX1 ‘on’ and M2, M5, and M30 set it ‘off’. There is a setting in GC’s Advanced group to choose the output logic, “None”, “Servo”, “Relay_High”, or “Relay_Low”.

This power strip has a couple outlets that turn on with a signal like AUX1 and could be used to turn on a shop vac for instance - and one outlet that shuts off with that same signal. Plug a lamp into that one and it the light will be off when running and on when not. Of course, you would know the same thing when the shop vac shuts off…:wink:


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Ohh, ok I will take a look at those settings and tinker something with what i have laying around.
I searched high and low for an eu version of the same concept, but did not find one.

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