Additional arduino programming

This might be the wrong place but is it possible to program the ardunio to have an I/o power output? I’d really like to have the computer start and stop the router and vacuum on its own. Specifically turn off the router when it’s done. Make it so I could work on something else and not have the router running forever.
This could also be accomplished through a notification or any of the smart home devices, like smart switches or outlets.

This has been implemented.

Not sure which is the best thread, but you can search for Auto Power or Automatic Spindle and get some. To get you started, try this one:

Also, I am planning to use an auto-start outlet model for my Maslow vacuum that I am currently using with my chop saw. It works very well for the chop saw, so I expect it should be fine for the Maslow as well.


Also look for the post were the workpiece caught fire, because it sounds like you want to leave the Maslow alone and that is not a good idea.