Fine tuning advice/adjustments

I have finally got my Maslow up and running. I even did a couple of small projects cutting some cursive letters. But now it’s time to get serious :smiley:

I want to dial in the accuracy so I cut a 3x3 square out of .75” plywood. This is in prep for my first “real project”.

Router 23x
.25” 2 flute mill (slightly used)
15 ipm feed
30 ipm plunge
.20 depth of cut

The results were as follows if you were looking at the square. I should note the corners were all square surprisingly.

Left to right 2.875”
Top to bottom 2.75”

So my questions is how can I/should I adjust the Maslow in ground control to walk the accuracy in and fix this .125” - .25” inaccuracy?


Hi IDT! Welcome to the forum!

Check out the following thread… plenty of good info there!

Keep us posted on how it’s cutting!