First cut with our newly assembled Maslow

@llamalane and I have been assembling the Maslow for the Manchester Makerspace in Manchester New Hampshire. Now that we have finally put in enough hours here and there we have it assembled and made out first cut!



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Looks Great!!

put some white plastic behind with white leds. or go crazy with some colored ones. a darker wood stain would give you a nice contrast, just an idea for the final fishish, good luck with however you decide to go.

Great work!!!

Those are some nice straight-looking 2x4s! Where did you get them?

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Those are from Home Depot as surprised as you may be!


They look way better than mine and I spent a good 30 minutes rummaging through piles of 2x4s at Home Depot. My HD is kinda janky i think

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FYI…HD has 2 types of 2x4 studs, one is Premium Kiln-Dried Whitewood Stud, that has nothing close to be Premium wood and
Premium Burrill Fir Stud that cost about $1 more and it is much better quality and 90% of then are strait.

Thank you!

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I’ll have to look more closely next time for the Burrill Fir Stud. I walked through and eyeballed the options for 10ft 2x4s and nothing seemed to particularly stand out.