Frey Desk, it was daunting to cut by hand

Hello all,
One project I agreed to make for my brother seemed pretty straight forward. It was a hyper adjustable desktop made from a single sheet of plywood and 12 LF of closet rod. This was before owning any type of a CNC machine.

If you would like to see what I am talking about, here is the link.

This is a really cool design, I started with the uprights that had many 45-degree cutouts with a radius bottom to accommodate a closet rod. I was having so much trouble making a template or even a proof of concept that looked professional. The project was on hold, up until I picked up the Maslow! I originally saw it on “Tested” maybe two years ago. I loved everything about the concept and the price was with in reach to finally obtain the power of a CNC router. Thanks to a black Friday ad I stumbled across, a decision was made to make the purchase.

This was the first real project I got to use the machine on. I spent a morning learning adobe Illustrator to figure out how to create the shape that I would use to image trace onto Easel (inventables). Once I had the G-code I was off and running. Check out the picture of my first cuts on the project, perfect in every way and done in a single day. This saved me soo many hours of frustration, I am overjoyed by this success. So very happy.

Thanks, I have not been here long but have been going through the posts!

-Jake Wilson


Looks good! And great job on your first cuts

Great project, welcome!

awesome project! does it screw into the wall?

It has feet that are not attached in the picture. But absolutely it can either be freestanding or screwed to the wall. I realized at the end that when the desktop is in the drafting or easel position the hangers pop out the back so a spacer in the form of a 2x4 would be needed. The spacer could be eliminated if I changed how the top hangs.

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Thanks! I got snowed in here at the house and was cut off from the shop. so I had some extra time and designed a few more projects for the future. Very ready to build more. :smiley:

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This would make a great addition to the community garden!

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+1 for community garden

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very good first project

I’m torn on the ethics of business, I tried to find the inventer for permission to essentially provide his product plans. I do plan on contributing to the garden, the next project is a turkey/meat carving board with a routed out shape of Washington state, very close to having that available.


This appears to be the guy. The business and location match the description in the Kickstarter.

That is a pretty ingenious design and it would be a shame not to give him credit.

finally getting to putting together my maslow. this looks like a good project! are you planning to share your modified designs?