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Project of the Week / Community Gardener for May 16, 2018

Saw this in the community garden and downloaded the files, the files are great but could use some help. converted the files to svg thru convertio but had no consept of scale afterwards, once looking into fusion 360 and dxf files i was able to utilize the files that are uploaded but noticed some slots missing in the uprights for the maslow labeled brace. not sure if anyone else as downloaded this project. still new to cad and working out the porcesses. thank you.


Can’t help with f360 but if you have 2 or 3 days, there are options skipping the svg step. (bCNC,FreeCAD)


I downloaded this also. The scale of the dxfs in the file is seriously off. The main shelf “Part 1” is nearly 5ft wide in the version I downloaded. I thought that it might be a unit conversion issue, but the dim i’m getting is 59.9712" and that does not cleanly translate mm to in in any way. Anyway I can use them, but anyone who downloads this needs to be aware that they will have to scale it down. Best to calibrate your board if you have calipers and use that dimension to set the gap in your mating slots, otherwise set it to 9mm and cross your fingers. I will be cutting out of 1/2" so I will scale to a 9mm slot the stretch the slot to fit my board. :smile:


Has anyone generated a gcode for this very cool project? Im very new to all this and having a difficult time forking out $1500/yr for hobby cad prog.


Fusion360 is free for hobbyists, you should download it via the ‘startup’ licensing scheme… as described here:

" Entitlement Types: If your rights to use a service have identified your entitlements using one of the descriptions below, the following entitlement parameters apply to you:

  • Startup: If your entitlement has been designated as “Startup, ” You may use the service if You are (a) a company, startup, or home-based business that generates less than $100,000 (or equivalent in other currency) per year from the total sale of goods or services, or (b) an individual using the service for personal non-commercial projects, hobbies, or personal learning.

The term for your Startup use is one (1) year from the date You are granted access. Autodesk reserves the right at any time during the Startup term to revoke access of the Startup entitlement by providing notice to You. "

this 1 yr term can be renewed in most cases (notably: NOT via MacOS apple store, but IS able to be via MacOS download from Autodesk, dunno why.)

Fusion is easily able to translate from DFX through a 3d model and into CAD, amongst a zillion other things that are applicable to Maslow (custom post processor, model and CAD simulations, etc etc) …

hope this helps,


Yes, I have redrawn the desk for 1/2" plywood and corrected many vector errors. I also generated the GCode to cut all parts from one sheet. The code will cut the slots first then the profiles. Tabs have been inserted to kept the boards inplace while cutting. Use 1/4" two flute router bit and chomp away!

I can send files via email []


Sweet!!! My email is: I’ve been learning Fusion but it takes many hours to make stuff when your this new at it. Hopefully I can return the favor sometime. Thanks Gder!


I would like to get these files also.
Can this “optional design” be added to the original Garden post?


The project is “communityManaged” so I guess you can create a pull request to upload additional designs to the existing files.


I would be more than happy to upload but I don’t see any option to do that.

I f you know where or how , please let me know…

Here’s the files…


Use 1/2" plywood, 1/4" router bit center on 4X8 sheet. Units are in inches. Slots are cut, then profiles with tabs.

WorkStation_Frame.dxf (26.4 KB) (262 KB)


I’ll make a video showing how to do that!


Here’s a video showing how to add to a project created by someone else:

I’ve made a pull request to add that video to the “how does the garden work” page of the website

@Bee I think this may be of interest to you also


i am new to the Maslow world and cnc in general. that being said its very possible i did something wrong here. i loaded this “desk complete” file into easel and exported it in G-code to ground control and cut it out. i did notice that some things were off.

1- when importing it into Easel it showed up very small and i had to size it to the 4x8’ sheet. i do not know if there is a better way to do this other than grabbing the outer line that was in the file ( which is what i assumed this was for) and dragged it to the outer edge of my digital 4x8’ sheet. my slots were actually to narrow for the half in ply ( .47") and i assume it was because of the sizing i did. … is there a reason why it didn’t open up full size?

2-this may be the reason why my first question was wrong but, when importing the file into Easel it did not have the “slots” set up as “fill” cuts. they were registered as outline along the center line cuts. in-fact the entire drawing was outline along the center line. so i changed the slots to “fill” cuts hogging them out entirely and changed the rest to outline along the outside of the line cuts… was what i did what made everything off or was it supposed to come in the way i changed it to in the first place?

3- for lack of an actual name, the wood that lays horizontally inside the bottom connected box was the only piece that was cut that was actually not the right size. one slot fit in ( after i filed out the slot) and the other side was about .5" away from the wood. granted my sizing my be the source of most of my issues but this one can not be… is the file off or did i do something wrong?

any help would be much appreciated and before you say anything, i know i have a lot to learn :slight_smile:


I haven’t used Easel and not sure why there was issues. I’ll have a look and se if I can duplicate your issues.

Secondly, there was several iterations of the desk that I modified. Could be I uploaded an earlier version as to why the horizontal board wasn’t cut correctly. I will run the gcode and see what’s happening.

The gcode is directly uploadable to ground control unless you did some customizing in Easel from the .dxf files.



I checked the *.dxf files with my cad program to verify all measurements. All are correct and are cut on the tighter side of things.

Did you use an 1/8" bit?

I also explored Easel and I have to say it’s very limited. The workstation *.dxf file needs outline cuts for the perimeter and inside cuts for the slots. The program didn’t want to co-operate with me and I can see major problems with compiling Gcode using Easel.

I suggest you use the posted *.nc files and cut directly with Ground Control and hopefully it will work as advertised.