Gcode generator :)

Is BOBCAD compatible with GC.

does bobcad create g-code? if not, you need a CAM package to sit between the two
and convert the models created by the CAD package into g-code that GC can run

David Lang

It looks like overkill for the Maslow. It’s a bit costly too - almost as much as the Maslow itself.

Well I already have it and was trying to see if it would work.
And it does create G-code :slight_smile:

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If you have it create g-code for a grbl machine, that should work.

David Lang

dont know what that is

When you create g-code, you pick a ‘flavor’ of g-code (or pick what machine you
are generating g-code for), the maslow only supports very primitive g-code, so
if you pick a machine that has all sorts of fancy g-code features, your program
will try to use them and the maslow won’t understand them.

If you pick a nice, primitive g-code target (and ‘grbl’ is one), then the result
will probably work.

But the thing to do is to just give it a try, generate g-code for a simple
object and post it here and we can look at it and tell you if that works or if
you need to try another target.

David Lang