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New to the Maslow community

I am new to the Maslow community. I currently build pulpits and communion tables for a pulpit company. I design and produce all my construction drawings with progeCad. It creates Autocad files (.dwg). I can export . DXF files and .SVG files.

Having used Windows and Mac all my professional life, and installed many different apps on each platform, the installation and setup of all the software needed to get things up and running seem to be a bit confusing to me.

I would like to use progeCad to produce plywood (3/4”) layout of some parts (some are curved) I use in building. Then I would like to create g-code for these. I plan to use a Windows 10 based laptop I have in the shop. Also, I have no internet connection in my shop. We are in a very rural area and it’s not available. All I can do is use my iPhone as a hotspot.

Any suggestions, and advice?

What you need is called a CAM (computer aided manufacturing) program to convert your .dxf or .svg files into gcode for the machine. There are a TON of options out there so a quick search in the forums will pull up a number of recommendations, but this one is free to try and cheap to buy and works offline: HeeksCAD & HeeksCNC

Hey, thanks! I’ll check it out.

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There is also FreeCad that can do CAD & CAM to export gcode.

The basic Maslow system setup is:

The Arduino Controller that is on the Malsow machine and connected to the motors. That has firmware updates which are available here: GitHub - MaslowCNC/Firmware: Maslow Firmware

You then have a computer or RaspberryPi that runs the Control User Interface and connects to Arduino Controller using the USB cable. You open your gcode file using this and run the cuts. That can use software:

Finally you have your CAD/CAM software of which there are many options (such as FreeCAD [offline], Fusion360 [requires internet], estlCAM etc). This is not provided my Maslow and must export Maslow compatible gcode.

I am currently learning FreeCAD as a replacement for Fusion360 but CAD/CAM software often changes dramatically in UI and workflow between companies so is often difficult to learn.