GCodeClean steps up to v1.2.3 because ... another bug

Split Files Into Individual Cutting Actions :tada:

Yep, the split command now has functionality.

So, you can take your GCode file, clean it - which sets things up - and then split it into individual cutting actions.

But why? I hear you mumble unenthuasticially over your :beer: / :coffee:

Two main reasons

  1. This lets you extract some key cutting step from an existing GCode file as a self-contained Gcode file that you can run on its own.
  2. This is a key precursor for ‘travelling’ optimisation. ie. where you go between cuts.

As usual, please let me know if you find bugs.

An important note: previously you just ran GCodeClean through the command line, and it only did one thing. Now, it has two ‘commands’ clean (the original) and split (the new). It does not (yet) do ‘all the things’ in one go - and that is not a priority. Solving the ‘travelling’ optimisation and back-porting to TypeScript (for inclusion with the new Maslow 4 code) are my priorities.

Release v1.2.0 - File Splitting · md8n/GCodeClean (github.com)


And now v1.2.1 - with performance improvements

Read about it here Release Performance improvements - and getting git to play nice(r) · md8n/GCodeClean (github.com)


But bugs :unamused: so now it’s v1.2.2

Go to the usual Release page in Github to get the executables; for Linux, Pi (Linux-arm) and Windows

So yeah, bugs with the deep copy code I had introduced - seriously if I had run my tests I would have found them - you would think I’d have learned by now.

Also cleaned up some of the “magic characters” throughout the code. These were the for some of the leading letters of certain GCode ‘words’.

I came across the weird ‘block delete’ character in the NIST GCode spec. So I’ve added support for that. I’m guessing it’s not something that a Maslow will ever use but who knows :person_shrugging: And I’ve added one test for it, and updated another.

Also I’ve added support for putting the tool number into the travelling comment in the cleaned file, and into the filename for each cutting path split out of a file.


But another bug, so now its v1.2.3

I found a weird bug with the method that deletes superfluous G0 commands. Sometimes it deleted G0 commands that weren’t superfluous - oops.

Also, I got stuck into the ‘publish’ process again, and I think I’ve finally got things to a much better place.

GCodeClean now comes as a single executable file, you’ll find a total of 3 files in the zip folder.

The total size is a lot smaller. Release v1.2.3 - Bug fix for ‘eliminate needless travelling’ · md8n/GCodeClean (github.com)

And I’m still working on the ‘Travelling Salesman’ issue - finding a way to better organise the travelling between cutting paths.

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