Gecko drive G540 Stepper Motor Driver with Mach3 work with MASLOW?

I am curious if anyone tries to make Gecko driver 540, and mach3 software. That give batter speed and control, I have gecko 540 driver and license mach3. I like to know if anyone tries before that combination?
I need to order 30’ chain and z bracket. to try

The maslow does not use stepper motors, so it would not work (or it would be a
completely different machine)

Mach3 does not kno how to move the router with two chains, so it would not be
able to control the steppers appropriately if you were do build a maslow style
machine with it.

David Lang

Maslow does not use stepper motors. Does it matter?

Maslow CNC has two motors that move the chain and define coordination.can you achieve with servo motor mach3 can be open, configurable software that you can set Resolution 1"=1".4 or whatever need to calibrate?

What you think the real issue with servo motor if I am not using Maslow’s software but use its concept.


The real issue is kinematics, very different from Cartesian. It can be done, but would be a major software development and Mach may not give sufficient access to make the changes.

well, you asked about Gecko stepper motor drivers, so that implied that it
matters if you are using steppers or not :slight_smile:

you need to have motors that do not move when power is off, or you loose your
position (there is no easy way to home a maslow style machine automatically)

if you modify Mach3 so that it understands the new kinematics, you could use it.

David Lang

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