GLOSSARY - of Maslowvian terminology

Please can someone tell me what the acronyms PID, PWM, PWD and mean?


PWM = palse width modulation
PID = proportional–integral–derivative
PWD not sure maybe print work directory?

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Looking through the posts, I only found one use and I think in that case ‘PWD frequency’ must have been an auto-correct replacement for PWM frequency. PWM as used in Maslowvian terms :smile: is outlined here.

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PWM = Pulse Width Modulation, ie: the function of phase tuning a square wave.

Is that the same as changing the width of the pulse, i.e. increasing the relative on time? Does phase mean altering the relationship between the pulse start and end time?

I think of it as turning the motor off and on very fast (the pwm frequency) and increases the amount of power provided by increasing the percentage of time it’s on by making wider pulses.

I don’t recall hearing it described as phase tuning. Actually I don’t remember any discussion of PWM back then, phase was used in AC and RF (really just fast ac with weirdities). I’m way out of ee school, and suffering from old-timers.

Not contesting the description, it’s just a new expression here

its a matter of perspective, smaller width = neg phase, larger width = positive phase, neg/pos in terms of the phase wave shape. We’re using them to determine output power in maslowCNC but my description was more intended to describe what is happening to the wave shape. ie: the thing we’re modulating vs how we’re using that output.

also, this guy:

Awesome link mrfugu, thank you. That was the kind of level I’m at with this stuff. Think it’s going to be a bit of a learning curve!
Thank you all for the above info and the link to the Function Diagram, that page rocks.


Ah, we just need a Moog synthesizer to control our Maslows :laughing:

Since it’s the weekend perhaps I’m just going through a phase where it’s not clear, still have this bias that phase involves multiple signal relationships. Too much RF study for that extra must have confused me (or perhaps it was getting too close to the RF), although I vaguely recollect something about how Gecko tuning involves phase. I’ll need to dig into PWM phasing more, and see if my patience is rewarded.

Edit: a bit of googling on PWM phase turned up references to “phase correct” and “frequency correct” pwm, plus “space vector modulation”. Good thing I’ve got some downtime coming


Hmmm a Maslow with a VCA and VCF inputs??
3 Routers (one for each osc)
Patch cables on the router.
Walnut side panels! :open_mouth:

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I am slowly putting together a Maslow CNC Survival Guide for new users which outlines all of the functional components of the Maslow CNC system along with terms and illustrations.

It could be found under Mechanics, Wiki, Function Block. I should have PWM section finished today.

Kind Regards Stuart