Good tool to create a tile grid?

Is the Maslow a good tool to create a tile grid on? I’m doing a bathroom tiling project where I’m placing every one of the 3/4" tiles manually. I really want the spacing to be uniform across the whole bathroom. So my idea is to cut indentations on the floor and wall boards before I place them. These are 4’x8’ plywood and/or sheet rock backing boards. The indentations would be spaced exactly right for the tiles. If the error is low enough on the Maslow and/or it’s randomly distributed, then the eye won’t catch on wonky weird spacing.

Will Maslow work for that kind of use case? Are the errors small enough that the eye won’t catch on them across the space of the 4’ x 8’ size??


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The quick answer is: For now, we as a community isn’t where we wanna be regarding accuracy / error margin.

That doesn’t mean it won’t work for your project, but you should do some testing and learn on smaller projects how your setup works, before jumping for the large cut out.

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Not trying to discourage a Maslow buyer…

You can buy tile spacers that look like X’s, in lots of different sizes. Here’s a random example

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