Basic Instructions for Ground Control

Hi Guys,

Cant seem to find any documentation on how to use Ground Control (v1.26) the old version?

Have gone through

I know z relates to the up down axis so need to work out roughly where i got to when it cur successfully then find the code telling the z to go down and i guess delete everything before that in the code? Can i do that in Ground Control? found where i can view the code but not edit it…

Just trying to work out how to start later and find the right line to start after a failed cut that nearly finished.
Been told to go the the line i want it to start at but have no way to work out how to view all the code…


You can edit the gcode in a regular text editor like note pad :grinning:

If you post a copy of the gcode file you want to edit and the line number that you want to start at I can give you an example with some pointers on how to do it successfully.

Thanks for the tip, managed it with notepad …