Has anyone cut oak?

I’m new here trying to figure out a few things can you only cut sheets of things? Or if I built a ledger board on the top and the bottom so that the router will have a flat surface can I put a piece of oak in between them and route out some oak?

Cutting board lumber using ledger boards is certainly possible. The only caveat is that the Maslow is 2-1/2-dimensional, that is, the third axis is only a short one, so if you are looking to cut through 4"x4"s, you will be disappointed.

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Just looking to route out letters and make signs and stuff like that. Not trying to go through. Just wasn’t sure if it could handle hard wood but I guess that would depend on the router
Thanks for the response

Yes I cut very hard French oak. I had to hold the router near the edgees.


:+1: thanks for the advice


Did you just screw the table top on the the plywood to hold it up?


Yes screwed from the back side with some deck screws.


If I remember correctly 20ipm 19000 rpm .1inch per pass with a 1/4inch tool


I cut my permanent sled out of oak. Went at it .05 at a time. Bought a 2’×2’ piece and held square temp sled flat as it was cutting. The z- axis popped out on me, that’s what the squiggly line is from! But it is on the bottom, so it’s not seen.