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Cutting wood with Maslow

How thick of a piece of wood can I cut with the Maslow? Can I cut hardwood?

I’ve cut 3/4" ply without problem, you just need a few passes. It really depends on how deep your router can go, 1/4" passes are pretty much the max I can go on my machine.

Hardwood shouldn’t be a problem either, just watch your feeds and speeds. If you go too fast, it won’t cut correctly and will “skip”. If you go too slow, you’ll have too much heat and will dull your bit pretty fast (and could even start a fire if you’re not watching it carefully).

The maximum travel on the rigid router is around two inches which would probably be the limiting factor. Like @emilecantin wisely pointed out you will of course need to do that in many passes.

Not done it yet but I have seen someone cut a 2" thick piece of hardwood.