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Has anyone put chain motors ona linkage kit?

If the motors were on the sled it would eliminate about 10m of cables. Has anyone put the motors on a linkage kit? It would be pretty easy to laser cut the linkage arms to fit the motor mounting bolts. Some magnetic clutch take up motors with spools would give the excess chain somewhere to be stored as well.

It’s been discussed, but I don’t think anyone has put one together. I’d love to see someone try it, though!

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One problem is that the weight of the motors would cause the linkage arms to droop, which would change the chain <-> linage arms to not be parallel to each other, which would cause the effective length of the chain to be shorter.

you don’t save that much cable as you either need to move the electronics to the sled (so you need a long USB cable, which is sensitive to electrical noise) or you need the cables from the electronics to be able to reach to the bottom corners, which is longer than the top corners.

but the big problem has been figuring out what to do with the slack chain.


When I get some time it is definitely something I will try. Micro pc stick or tablet on the sled itself would eliminate a long usb cable. Just one long power cable is left.