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Help on a catamaran project


I’m working on a project that will be perfect for Maslow…. I’m really impressed!!

A sailing catamaran kit… inexpensive, easy to build almost anywhere, with very limited onsite measuring needed.

Built on a rotating spit. Available in 30’ or 40’. Fits into a shipping container.

I’m not very computer/3D savvy… But I have worked on CNC projects.

Can someone help set this up?? I have a design, but need to fine tune it (AutoDesk Inventor) and translate it into actual bulkheads, panels, hatches & deck made from 4x8 PET foamcore/FRP.

I’m ready to start building a 30’ prototype starting in April, at this site by Flamenco beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico…

If someone capable wants a vacation & can help me set this up… I’ll help cover expenses… Or other arrangements…!
Contact me at


Big project, but love it!
Wish my skills were a little more refined in the designing side to help out, would be a fun project.

Can’t wait to see a finished product.