Nesting Sailing Dinghy

I finally finished her, it’s time to sail. 4 years ago I started to design a small sailing dinghy that would fit in our car. To cut out the hull shapes and all the other components I purchased an “old skool” Maslow. I can say I learned a lot from all the failures and smoked up router bits. But in the end I got it to work. Having the Maslow allowed me to design every component as vintage looking as I desired. Next step is to see how she sails and hopefully stays together, wish me luck!**


Wow - fantastic build! Great use of digital design / fabrication. Good luck!

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OMG That is incredible!! What excellent work!

This was built using the original Maslow?

Woah its beautiful! Can you post a video in the water?! How are you holding the sections together?

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I bought a so called Metal Maslow. I guess not an original, but based on your design.

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Thanks, I will post a video if all goes well.

I use 4 bolts for each section. The bolts are fitted with knobs. The bolts pass trough aluminum pipes. They provide the alignment of the sections. The bottom bolts seal with an O-ring in the pipes, this should keep the boat watertight. The bolts screw into bolts on the other side.


I applaud you, this is a fantastic idea, fantastic design, and beautifully built!
Probably the smallest package I’ve seen

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Amazing is the right word. Stunning work.


Hi Anna,

As promised, a small video of my first sail.

She sails beautifully, I’m very pleased with the result. No leakes no squeaks, and pretty fast.

Kind regards SintRogers.


This looks incredible! Watching this is making me so jealous. It’s beautiful here with a nice steady breeze :heart_eyes:


Absolutely lovely!


Thanks, Bar.

I also want to thank you for this incredible machine, without it I would not have been able to build this boat.

Regards, SintRogers.

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