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Holey calculated values way out

Hi team hoping you can help with this one. I am attempting to calibrate my machine using the Holey method.

my baseline measurements for Distance between motors and height of motors is 3255 and 458 respectively I have measured these as best as I can and I would say are at least within 5mm

I have run the holey cut pattern and measured the following


resulting calculation gives me a motor distance and height is 3204.49409 and 220.49556 which are miles away from reality… so much so that a further cut of the calibration pattern has the sled running off the top of the work piece.

this is my first attempt calibrating on a new PC as the old one died but did not give me this issue.

Hope you can help


Where is M10? Based on the consistency of all the numbers, it should be 973, but there is no way that M2 and M7 for example would be at 90 degree angles. If you do the math, if M2 is 948 and M7 is 900, then M11 should be: 1307. Since they are all in such close agreement, a conversion is likely off. Can you remeasure?

square root (900^2 + 948^2)

so your system is way way off, or your height is way way wrong.

if they are all the same, then that is fantastic, but I find it unrealistic. I would go over it again with the same holes and measure. If rerunning, put tape over the old holes and then you can be certain which are the new holes. When I measure I write the numbers on the board in sharpie in inches because my tape is in imperial units. Then I do all the conversions (fraction first in calculator, 37-5/16 is 5 divided by 16 +37 * 25.4 ) and I write that on the board as well. then I plug them all in. There is a video where I show doing it with really bad sound on youtube, but it works.

Also for the beam if you measure the sprockets from the 8:00 on the left (where the chain comes off) to 4:00 on the right for your motor distance and then measure from the top of your workpiece extending it up within in the plane of your workpiece to the plane of the center of the motor, it should work. Generally you do this 2x-3x and it should get better by less and less each time.

Oh dear, so it turns out I cant read a tape measure at 10 o’clock at night. Probably should have slept on this before posting. Thanks so much for responding, sorry for wasting your time. All is well now… bar my pride.

I have a hard time in the daytime, so no worries. I was really amazed that your numbers were all so consistent.