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Holey calibration problems

I have a Metal Maslow with a 12 foot top bar. I’m running WebControl and Holey calibration.

I have two questions:

  1. Each time I do the calibration, the error number is around 2700. That seems like a big number for an error. What does it mean? Is this a reasonable number, or should it be smaller?

  2. After accepting the calculations, the zero point for the router is several inches (around 4) above center of the workspace. This seems odd because one of the measurements is from the top of the workspace to one of the holes. It seems like if it got anything right, it would be the center of the workspace in the Y axis. Any thoughts on why this is wrong?


That does seem quite large.

What number are you using for the distance between the motors?

142 3/8 inches = 3616.375mm as measured center-center on the motor shafts
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