Horizontal maslow

Is there a way to make the maslow work on a horizontal base… For example like a table. I love my maslow but I am wanting to put it on a table cause of the way my shop is set up… Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance

I would say that with what is in the kit, it’s not possible.

Take a look at maslow-mark-ii-3d and imagine that you would need to double or triple the amount of bearing for the ‘sled-frame’ to ride on.
A setup like this is asking more for belts then chains CoreXY

Maslow has two motors at the top and relies on gravity to move the sled in the downward direction. If you turn Maslow on its side, you need something on the other side (what was the bottom of the frame) to simulate the effects of gravity… Additional motors could work or a rig with pulleys and weights or whatnots. But as @gero said, belts and CoreXY would work better at this point.

The stock motors are not going to be powerful enough to move the sled when
horizontal (tip the frame back to 20 degrees and they are not powerful enough)

a horizontal CNC is a very different machine, it would end up having very little
in common with the stock maslow.

David Lang

Ok well that answers my question just wanted to throw that out there and see if it could.

Low rider cnc would be your best bet. It is a kit as well. Horizontal set up slow cut feeds and uses rubber belts. Total cost in the $600 to $800 range. You can google it for more reviews