My first project: a sled for the Maslow

While trying to get everything up and running, I got frustrated by the lack of an easy workflow for retracting and expanding the belts. My frame is vertical, which requires a step ladder to remove the belts. The challenge of putting on the first belt while holding the Maslow in one hand and trying to secure the belt end into the corner with the other hand was a real PITA. Also, when the Maslow is of the frame, I cannot place it anywhere to complete the entire process.

This led me to the idea of keeping the Maslow on the frame and securing it in place to simplify installation. Initially, I used a lashing strap, but I was not satisfied with that solution either.

Therefore, I decided to dedicate my first real Maslow project to creating a Maslow sled holder. And I’m really happy with the result.

The sled is built from several layers of plywood that are glued together. Cutting all the parts took me several weeks of trial and error. I finally understand how to convert my design into gcode! I also encountered some issues with losing the WiFi connection, but with one of the later firmware updates, my cuts went smoothly.
The base is a large circle, and it turned out perfectly. That was really satisfying!

In my initial finished version, I noticed that the Maslow was tipping over when placed on the sled without tension on the belts. Therefore, I added those two pinball machine-like flippers to the sides. Now, the Maslow is securely attached to the sled and locked into place even more effectively.

While working on it, I also tried to integrate another idea I had.
I am using a small circuit with a battery and a speaker. In the center of the sled, I have a strip of copper tape, and on the other end, I have a crocodile clamp that I can attach to the router collet.
Now, I can lower the Z until I hear a beep, making it really easy to set my home Z.
Not sure if all bits are conductive, but for the ones I use know it works great :slight_smile:

It would have been great if I had integrated the component into the wood instead of placing it on the outside, but for now, I’ll leave it as it is.

Now the whole process is a lot easier for me. I still have to use my step ladder, but I have both hands free to install and remove the belts. Retracting and extending are also a lot easier when everything is still on the frame.

If anyone is interested, I can share my design for the sled and the Z-checker.


That is sooo cool! I love the idea of the z-axis depth adjuster. That’s such a great and simple solution.