How About this? Grand Central ATSAMD51

The motor control boards would need voltage level shifters to work with it?

That is a cool find! No mention of wifi which is too bad, but it has an SD card slot. @madgrizzle is right that the controller board would need a redesign.

The TLE is supposed to be 3v compatible :wink:

This also means a Pi Zero W is on the same logic level, got you Wifi & bluetooth . :wink: :wink:

Next ?

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What about the encoders? Do they need level shifting?

VCC min 4.5V if it’s this one

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That’s what I like about the Teensy 3.5 boards… it’s 3.3V but can tolerate 5V on the digital inputs. Unfortunately, it won’t mate up to an existing shield without an adapter board and I can’t find one that’s commercially available.

Both in my junk drawer -

or q voltage divider with resisters

@blurfl @bar

Do we need 2 way shifting or one way?

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I think that will depend on if the pins on that board are 5v safe